Installing New Service FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about Service Installation:

Why heat with Natural Gas? Natural gas is historically more affordable than other heat sources. Calculate your potential savings with our Savings Calculator! Natural gas is safe. Both GMG and natural gas have an excellent safety record! Natural gas is reliable. Underground pipeline systems are not easily affected by weather. Convenient! Pay only for the gas you use. No contract, pre-filling or plowing through snow in the winter months! Natural gas is aesthetically pleasing, no more tank in your yard or basement! 

How do I know if Greater Minnesota Gas is in my area? Look for pipeline markers in the right of way or contact us.

How do I get started? First, call our office and schedule a no-obligation appointment to learn more about heating with natural gas and get a quote for service installation. Second, plan ahead and get a few estimates from a qualified HVAC vendor to find out how much it will cost to convert your home to natural gas. Third, prepare to identify your private utilities. Examples of private utilities are underground dog fences, sprinkler systems, propane lines, septic and sewer systems. 

How much will it cost to have service installed? GMG will review basic costs with you over the phone, this will be followed by an on sight appointment with one of our design technicians who will provide you with a quote for service. Please keep in mind that pre-payment is required. 

Where will the meter be placed? For residential customers, the meter will be places within approximately the first 15 feet on either side of the building. For commercial and industrial customers, locations are individually reviewed.

How will my yard be affected? Standard service line is installed using a "plow" method. This method leaves minimal disturbance and is usually unnoticeable by the following year. We do offer an alternative method called "boring" this may be required to avoid driveways and landscaping. If you elect to use this method it is at an additional cost.  

Who is responsible for restoration? GMG restores the public-right-of-way. All restoration on private property is the responsibility of the property owner. 

Do I need to call in a Gopher State One locate ticket? No. Greater Minnesota Gas will call Gopher State One to have your major public utilities marked. It is the property owners responsibility to have private lines located. The property owner must also be prepared to provide the location of any wells, septic systems, dog fences or underground sprinkler systems.

How long does it take for the installation process to be complete? Typically you will have access to natural gas 60-90 days following your on sight appointment or site readiness.

My service has been installed, what's next? Don't forget to apply for equipment rebates! GMG offers rebates for both converted and new equipment, find out about our rebate programs on our Save Energy and Money page. Set up your online account with our partner Payment Services Network to view, pay and manage your account online. Start enjoying the many benefits of natural gas! 

Watch our Presentation: Why Heat With Natural Gas?

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