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Greater Minnesota Gas Home Energy Programs

GMG manages programs that provide home energy services together with our non-profit partner the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE). Insulation rebates, efficiant water measures, and low income services will help you conserve energy and money!

Improve your shower and sinks and save money. It's FREE!

Greater Minnesota Gas is offering FREE showerheads and faucet aerators to qualified customers. Do you have a shower or sink that wastes water? If you have older fixtures the answer is probably yes - and your dollars are going down the drain!

Register for our Efficient Water Measures program. We will send you a set of new fixtures for your shower, bathroom sink, and kitchen sink, with simple instructions to install them yourself. This program is free to GMG customers but supplies are limited.

Register Today

You can also Call GMG at 1-888-931-3411 and ask for our Efficient Water Measures program.

Earn up to $900 in credit on your GMG account!

1. Schedule an energy audit. To schedule an audit call GMG at 1-888-931-3411 or email hesscheduling@mncee.org and ask for our Home Energy Service. During the audit, our trusted nonprofit partner the Center for Energy and Environment will install materials that will help you save energy. The CEE's certified building analyst will pinpoint air leakage, assesses insulation levels and write up a detailed specification for you to give to your insulation contractor. After your audit, GMG will add a $50 charge to your next bill, but if you complete a rebate they will refund that cost.

2. Get bids from contractors using the auditor's specifications, and pay them to do the work. Keep your receipt.

3. Once your contractor has completed the insulation, email hesscheduling@mncee.org to request an inspection. Our inspector will check the finished work to ensure quality installation, take copies of your contractor invoice, and notify GMG to credit your bill with the rebate (up to $300 for attic insulation, $500 for wall insulation, AND $100 for ventilation).

Save energy and money with Low-income Home Energy Services

The State of Minnesota requires all gas utilities to provide free programs to conserve energy during Minnesota's long winters. You might qualify for a full energy audit of your home, with energy saving fixtures and insulation installed- all paid for by Greater Minnesota Gas.

Call GMG at 1-888-931-3411 or email gmg@greatermngas.com today and ask for the Greater Minnesota Gas Low Income Weatherization program. We will need to verify income (This service is available to customers whose income is below a specified amount, call for details on limits) and then we'll set you up with our certified energy audit partner the Center for Energy and Environment.

During the visit, CEE will install materials that help you save energy: a programmable thermostat, door weather-stripping and efficient water fixtures.

The CEE's certified building analyst will pinpoint air leakage, assess insulation levels, and determine whether new appliances will be cost effective. They will then arrange for insulation and/or HVAC contractors to perform the work. All work will be inspected by the CEE.

Low Income Weatherization Letter 2017


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