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Need to replace or upgrade equipment?

Do you own or manage a business? Are you concerned about energy efficiency for your church, agricultural business or facility? GMG can help. Our programs provide custom commercial energy rebates to our commercial clients.

GMG rewards customers for upgrading equipment and saving energy!

Gas for heat and processing takes up a lot of your business's revenue. Greater Minnesota Gas can help pay for efficient equipment and improve facilities. We will work with you to identify your biggest energy consumers, craft the solutions, and customize rebates on the equipment and improvements you need no matter how big or small.

A new gas furnace or boiler will keep your building warm, and lower your bills. We'll send a rebate based on your efficiency:


  • 96% or higher AFU: $400
  • 94%-95% AFU: $300


  • 95% EF or higher: 500
  • 90%-94% EF: $250

How to apply: if the system is 225,000 BTU or smaller, simply print and complete the Equipment Rebate Form and send it in. If it is larger than 225,000 BTU fill in the commercial rebate form below and we will contact you for information used to calculate your energy savings and rebate amount!

Commercial Customer Rebate Form

* Required

Download our simple rebate form for systems 225,000BTU and smaller:

Efficient Equipment Rebate Form Efficient Equipment Rebate Form (81 KB)

Call GMG at 1-888-931-3411 or email us at with questions.



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