Little Things Make a Big Difference.

GMG Staff - Thursday, June 26, 2014

A few small changes can have a huge impact on your energy costs. Check out these tips for cutting your energy bills – fast!

Dial it Down

Setting your thermostat even ten degrees lower for at least eight hours a day can save 10% on your energy bills. You won’t notice the change while sleeping or when no one’s home, but you’ll see the difference in your budget.

Do a Home Energy Audit

Where can you be more efficient? A simple survey can help you find easy ways to cut back on your natural gas consumption by showing you where you use the most energy. Get the information you need to make the best choices for your family.

Upgrade Your Attic Insulation

Adding another layer of insulation to your attic can make a huge impact. Upgrading from 3 inches to 12 inches of insulation, for example, can cut your home heating bills by 20%.

Weatherize Doors & Windows

Caulk and weather stripping are inexpensive and easy to install. Sealing air leaks around doors and windows can reduce your heating costs by up to 20%.

Check Your Filter

A clogged furnace filter makes your furnace run harder, reducing its efficiency and life span. Clean or replace your filter regularly and keep your furnace running at peak performance.

Change Your Showerhead

Your hot water heater is the second largest consumer of natural gas. Reduce the amount of hot water you use, and your natural gas consumption, but switching to an energy-saving showerhead.

Give Your Appliances a Vacation

Going on a trip? Lower your thermostat to 55 degrees and reduce the temperature on your hot water heater. Save energy when you’re not home by giving your appliances a vacation too.


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